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About Rotary Tattoo Machines

Full sleeves, half sleeves, single designs, or elaborate artwork — there is no denying the popularity of tattoos, and with more demand comes more opportunities to display your art. When deciding on the right machine for you, rotary tattoo machines give you a lightweight option for tattoo art, as these machines can weigh about half of the standard coil machines. Adjustable rotary tattoo machines utilize an electric motor to operate the needle, making them extremely quiet with little vibration, so you can use the machine for hours at a time with little discomfort. Rotary machines typically utilize 6 to 9 volts to operate, so you can use the same power supply that you use for standard coil machines. More advanced artists may turn to custom tattoo machines, as they provide additional needle sizes on custom needle mounts for more personalized options. Rotary tattoo machines are ideal for shading, lining, and full coloring, and many are made of durable and lightweight aluminum and steel. There are many tattoo machines available on the market, and with the vast selection available on eBay, you can find just the right machine for your business.