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About Rota Grid

Precision, performance, passion — it is how you drive, and it is what you expect from every part of your car. When you want wheels that look good and offer high-quality craftsmanship, you need Rota Grid. Rota wheels are the sole product of Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc., a company that strives to produce world-class wheels. Combining meticulous design and state-of-the-art engineering, Rota wheels look every bit as good as they drive while also being incredibly durable. The Grid is a classic passenger car wheel available in a range of sizes, from the Rota Grid 15x7 to the Rota Grid 17x9.5. The design is simple and elegant, offering a classic six-spoke format with a single rim, excellent brake clearance, and safe, high offsets, so no arch mods are required for installation. They are ideal for Subarus, Renaults, and Hondas, and the Rota Grid 17x8 is available in the Vauxhall 5x110 fitment. To add a little extra "wow" to your wheels, the Grid is available in an exciting range of colors, including white, black, polished, green, gold, and bronze. The sellers on eBay have a wide selection of wheels in colors and sizes to suit all vehicles, making it easy to find the Rota Grid wheels you need to pimp your ride.