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About Rosewood - Woodworking

Rosewood, the old luthier whispered to his apprentice as he searched for wood to build a back and sides for a new acoustic guitar. It was going to be a concert model, a 000 size, and rosewood was a perfect choice for a fingerpicker's dream guitar. The budding apprentice searched for the right wood with just the right figuring for visual as well as auditory delights. Brazilian rosewood, the Holy Grail of guitar tone woods, would be a good complement to the spruce top he had chosen for the guitar. The old luthier had taught him well, and he looked for quarter-sawn sets with rich complexities and glassy tap tones. This guitar would not have the drive and brightness that a mahogany back and sides would give, but he needed the warmth and richness, the complex overtones, and the clean sustain that only rosewood would deliver. Indian rosewood was also an option. Also available in a wide variety, this wood is not as rare or as expensive as Brazilian rosewood. They both hold the same basic properties in tone, but the Indian has a darker, less-figured look than the Brazilian does. Either option would be a good choice for a great instrument. Look to the reliable sellers on eBay who offer rosewood, and remember the words of the wise, old luthier.