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About Roseville Pinecone

The Roseville Pottery pinecone pattern evolved from the natural beauty of the simple pinecone. Introduced in 1935, the pattern graced a variety of Roseville products, including ashtrays, baskets, bowls, and vases. The subtle tones of the blue Roseville pinecone pieces pull a hint of the open sky reflected into deep, still waters into the smoky blues of the glazes. Meanwhile, the pale oval on the face of the piece emphasizes the gentle browns and greens of the pinecone and needles that surround the lighter color. Similar in style, the brown Roseville pinecone pattern warms the shelf with the golden hues of the earth on a sunlit afternoon. Collectors of blue, brown, and green Roseville Pottery pinecone pieces know that reliable sellers on eBay provide a clear summary and images in their listings of the highly collectible pottery. Careful packaging and convenient shipping options ensure that each fragile piece finds its way to a Roseville enthusiast's shelf to be appreciated by another generation of art pottery lovers.