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About Rose Petals

Roses bring delicate beauty to any room they grace, but real ones are short lived and expensive. Manmade rose petals, however, are an attractive alternative that broadens your options and save your budget. There are many uses for artificial rose petals: scatter them across tabletops to add color to special occasion table settings, or use in a wide variety of other decorative and festive functions for weddings, proms, birthdays, and anniversary parties. For more intimate celebrations, imagine how lovely silk rose petals would be sprinkled on a bedspread or dropped into a scented bath. Even if the moment is just for you, the added touch makes bathtime feel like a spa day. On eBay you?ll find a wide assortment of rose petals in colors ranging from natural to fantastic. The fact that you can reuse them makes them environmentally friendly, an important feature to many in the modern age. Of course, you don?t need a party to enjoy these little bits of beauty. Placed in a accent bowl or platter, they make pleasant decor that can be enjoyed year round.

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