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About Rosaries

Immersed in spirituality, the elderly woman calmly passes each bead between her old, wise fingers. A staple of any Catholic's religious items, a rosary is a very useful tool to facilitate prayer. The simple design, traditionally created with simple knots and beads, allows someone to easily count prayers for penance, devotion, or meditation. The rosary is strongly associated with Marian devotion, with the bulk of rosary prayers being addressed to Mary. Incorporating many Christian prayers, including the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Apostles' Creed, the Fatima prayer, and the Hale Holy Queen, the rosary can range in length from 30 minutes to multiple hours depending on how slow the words are spoken. Whether you opt for a more traditional wooden rosary or a shiny gold rosary, you can find many rosaries and prayer beads available on eBay from many reliable sellers. If you want to add more structure to your Catholic prayer life, this may be the perfect practical addition to your household.