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About Rope Bracelets

Sometimes, organic material feels better against the skin than metal. On those days, consider leaving the gold and silver behind for a more comfortable rope bracelet. Often made up of leather, cotton, or polyester, these casual wear items are great for casual days. Men's rope bracelet styles on eBay often include leather-braided items done in layers knotted together in one area. Men also like military rope bracelet options, which have a cuff style, being made of parachute rope and featuring either a plastic clip or metal buckle. Women may prefer friendship bracelets in braided cotton or silk. Available usually in new and sometimes in pre-owned condition, these more delicate jewelry items often feature charms or fancy knotting, and many wrap repeatedly around the wrist for a layered look. The best thing about any rope bracelet style is that they are inexpensive. So pick up some for all of your family or in an array of colors. With so many from which to choose, you can get a variety to match all of your casual clothes.