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About Roomba Brushes

You had a lot of fun watching your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner chase your dogs and cat all over the apartment. Unfortunately, this daily ritual will cost you a new Roomba brush set. The little bot ruined its brushes trying too hard to remove the hairs shed by its playmates. Fortunately, the Roomba's brushes are easy to replace as long as you find the right ones. Each Roomba side brush is used to reach into corners to collect dust, dirt, and debris. Without it, you could see dander collecting in every corner of your living room. The Roomba bristle brush is bigger and denser than the side brushes. It is the main cleaning tool, but the one on your little bot is now a useless, disheveled mess. With the large inventory of vacuum parts and accessories available on eBay, finding the Roomba brush you need is only a click away. And once replaced, you can resume your fun, little game of cat, dogs, and bot.