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About Roof Spoilers

No, that roof spoiler isn't designed to make opening and closing the car's hatch easier, and no, it isn't there solely for styling purposes either. The main purpose of a roof spoiler is to spoil airflow that can interfere with the aerodynamics of a car, because by directing airflow along the back of your car, a rear spoiler reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency in the process. With one, you not only enjoy a sportier look for your car, but you also pay less to gas it up, making it a win-win. Rear spoilers work for various car styles, including sports cars, sedans, and hatchbacks, and they can sit flush against the roof or come in a wing style. The latter allows air to pass all around it because the cross section is raised up from the roof, which generates downforce to keep your car firmly on the road. By shopping on eBay, you'll find both types of roof spoilers in new and pre-owned condition for all kinds of cars and trucks. Whichever type you choose, your roof spoiler represents a simple addition that can make a big difference in how your car performs.