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About Roman

Picture this—you are in an ancient Roman market buying a liter of wine. You hear, "That’ll cost you 1 As." You hand the merchant exact change, a small bronze coin, and now you’re square. Roman coins first came in to circulation around 300 BC, and for generations coin collectors from around the world have coveted these ancient artifacts. One vast difference between this ancient currency and today’s is a Roman coin was made from gold, silver, copper, or bronze. The use of precious metals gave the coin intrinsic value unlike our paper currency today. A Roman coin can be classified based on the ruler at the time, denomination, or condition. Naturally, coins in better condition and those that are rarer will fetch a pretty penny. The most common coins come from the 4th century since there were many Roman mints operational from the 3rd century and thereafter. Own a piece of history and expand your coin collection by purchasing Roman gold or silver coins on eBay.