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About Rolls Razors

A Rolls Razor offers a bit of classic shaving style and convenience all in one portable package. Complete antique Rolls Razor kits come with the razor handle, spare blades, sharpening stone, and instructions, all packaged neatly into a decorative and travel-worthy tin. Some versions of the Imperial model feature a silver-plated carrying case, which has an outer protective case of its own, ideal for gift giving. The plated case features a Greek key design. Well designed, the metal tin in many models features a removable top and bottom. One side features a sharpening stone, the other a strop. Complete your collection with a Rolls Razor blade replacement set that comes in its own tin. A brown wrapper on some original blade sets has the words "Rust ruins razors. Dry well after shaving." No matter which Rolls Razor model you seek, you can find a variety of selections from the art deco era on eBay. Even the original boxes display well on a shelf, in a vintage glass-fronted cabinet, or in a shadow box featuring other shaving-related antiques.