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About Rollerball Pens

With the amount of writing that you do on a day-to-day basis, you go through ballpoint pens like there is no tomorrow; however, you feel there is a noticeable difference when you use a rollerball pen instead. The first thing that comes to mind when you use a rollerball pen is the fact that you do not need to press as hard on the paper surface as you would if you are using a ballpoint pen. This is because rollerball pens either use gelled ink or water-based liquid ink. This also means that the ink is less viscous and will saturate into paper more deeply than an oil-based ink. The other day when you borrowed your co-workers vintage rollerball pen, you noticed each stroke flowed extremely smoothly which, oddly enough, made the writing experience much more enjoyable. In fact, that same coworker had a bright purple rollerball pen refill with water-based ink that allows for a greater variety of vibrant colors as compared to oil-based ballpoint pens. Browse the wide array of products available on eBay for all your rollerball pen needs and experience the difference when you write.