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About Roll Bar Padding

With your tires carefully balancing on the large slabs of rock, you accelerate just enough to propel the car over the next boulder, and then brace yourself for the next obstacle. Whether you are rock climbing with your vehicle or speeding along an off-road track, roll bar padding can protect you and your roll bars from damage. In addition to generic foam padding, look for items that fit specific makes and models. For example, if you are a Jeep driver, check out Jeep roll bar pads. If you drive a Jeep Wrangler TJ, look for Jeep TJ roll bar padding to keep your roll bars looking like new. Reliable sellers on eBay offer items in a variety of conditions, so you can purchase ones that fit your budget as well as your vehicle. You can also choose from several types and several different colors to match your car. The wide selection of roll bar padding available on eBay can easily help you stay on track, or rather, get back off road where you and your vehicle belong.