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About Rolex Midsize Watches

You want something elegant, you want something classy, you want something that will keep you on time without having to strain your eyes or break out your phone. In other words, you want a midsize Rolex watch. The watch face is just the right size that when you glance down at it: you can easily make out the time, but it's not completely ostentatious. A midsize watch typically measures between 34 and 36 millimeters wide and is marketed to both men and women. Choose from two-tone, rose gold, stainless steel, and other metals when selecting the case and band. In addition to metal bands, you have the option to select certain models with a leather strap. You have the option of choosing a watch with a fluted, smooth, or even a diamond-encrusted bezel. Browse through the selection of new and gently worn midsize Rolex watches available on eBay to find one that suits your needs. What time is it? It?s time for you to get a watch.