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About Rolex Datejust Dial

Trying to recall what day of the month it is, you take a quick glance at your elegant Rolex Datejust dial. It confirms your worst fears: today really is your anniversary. Making luxury high-precision watches is not Rolex's only claim to fame; the brand is also associated with making chronometrical strides. Launched in 1956, the Rolex Datejust is the first calendar wristwatch to feature the day in full, including the date. It comes in a variety of finishes including white gold, yellow gold, and everose gold. You can even opt for a men's Rolex Datejust black dial for a unique edge. A 36 mm-fluted bezel enhances the stylish Rolex Datejust dial, making it an ideal choice for casual or formal wear. Worn by more world leaders and presidents than any other watch, it is receives careful assembly and adjustment by skilled artisans. Available among the large inventory on eBay, the Rolex Datejust makes an ideal gift for a birthday or graduation gift. The refined Women's Rolex Datejust Dial also makes for an ideal gift for someone's forgotten anniversary.