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About Rolex Datejust

Rolex is a true pioneer in the watchmaking industry, and on their 40th anniversary revealed one of their greatest inventions yet — the Rolex DateJust. The DateJust made a commotion when it was released, as it is the world's first pressure-proof, self-winding calendar wrist chronometer. This gorgeous timepiece is the first to feature a calendar dial window, displayed at the 3 o'clock position, that automatically changes the date with red markers signifying even days, and black markers signifying odd days. The window of the date calendar incorporates the cyclops feature, which is a magnified two and half power lens that improves the visibility of the date. The face of the watch is fitted with a coin-edged bezel and a pie-pan dial. Crystals or diamonds line the edges of the face for a more sophisticated and luxurious appearance. Like all of Rolex's creations, the DateJust has been commended for its durability, as it can tolerate an underwater depth of approximately 330 feet, thanks to the incorporation of a Twinlock winding crown. The design of the Rolex DateJust has been praised for decades for its smaller profile, and it comes in either gold or silver hardware. This beautiful timepiece is a true testament to Rolex's pursuit of creating a durable, reliable wristwatch that can tolerate just about any environment. Find a large inventory on eBay.