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About Rolex Cellini

You have an obsession with perfection, and your watch is no exception. That is why the only watch for you is one that aligns itself with your philosophy: a Rolex Cellini. This line of watches from one of the most famous timepiece makers in the world blends contemporary elegance with classic details of traditional watches. Whether you want a watch that displays one time or two time zones, with or without the date, there is a Rolex Cellini for you. With hands designed to look like two double-edged swords, these self-winding watches tick off the seconds with exacting precision. Cased in either 18-carat white or Everose gold cast in Rolex's own foundry, their classic 1.5-inch round face is a mark of tradition, as are the lacquered dials and gold hour markers. The Rolex Cellini Prince watch is a top-of-the-line dress watch, offering a striking square, Art Deco-inspired face that features two time displays, one for the hour and minute and one for the second. Be sure to also consider a Rolex Cellini box to keep your timepiece protected when not in use. You can find a large selection of Rolex Cellini watches on eBay to ensure your collection remains truly elegant.