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About Rolex Boxes

The art of collecting discarded boxes may seem strange to some, but for lovers of antique watches, the cases these time machines were housed in are just as valuable and intriguing. In many instances, collectors match these age-old Rolex boxes with antique watches that they belonged to and search for the perfect match. Rolex boxes from the early to mid-1900s are some of the most favorite collectibles. You can find a vast inventory of these historic items on eBay. Browse through vintage Rolex boxes from its line of Oyster. The first waterproof wristwatch invented by Rolex in 1926, Rolex Oyster boxes represent a ground-breaking time in the history of watches. The inventor of many firsts, Rolex is also responsible for creating the revolutionary Datejust in 1945 — the first watch with a section on the dial that shows automatically changing dates. You can find boxes that belong to Datejust, as well as some of Rolex's other renowned watches, including Submariner released in 1953 and GMT released in 1954, which was a choice of Pan Am pilots at that time.

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