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About Roku

When you flip through the TV channels—almost 1,000 of them—and there's nothing good on, you start wondering exactly what you're getting in return for that hefty cable bill you pay each month. With digital media receivers, like Roku, you can cancel cable and get hundreds of Internet and TV media channels piped directly to your television, and you only pay for the ones you want to watch. When you connect Roku to your home Wi-Fi network, your TV instantly comes alive with 750 free and premium channels, offering movies, sitcoms, game shows, documentaries, sports, music and more. Stream free movies from Crackle, discover new music on Pandora, watch the latest PBS documentary, or find something for the kids on Disney—all for free. If you have a paid Netflix, Hulu Plus or HBO GO subscription or an account with MLB.TV or NBA League Pass, for example, you can also access this content directly from your TV via Roku's easy-to-navigate interface. Instead of paying for hundreds of channels you don't watch, pay for only those you do, and get a veritable library of free Internet-based programming to boot. The Roku system comes with a small, energy-efficient receiver box that fits easily into your home theater setup, as well as a remote, which does much more than change the channel. The Roku enhanced remote comes with a jack for special earphones that allow you to watch television without disturbing anyone else in your home, be it a sleeping baby or an antsy pet. Turn the remote horizontal and use it as a video game controller. The motion sensors and game-ready buttons let you fling your Angry Birds across the sky and stump competitors on Jeopardy.