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About Rogers Sterling

There is not a wedding or anniversary gift more traditional or more beautiful than the gift of a fine silver charger, bowl, or flatware set from a well-known brand. While a number of manufacturers made lovely sets in a number of patterns, Rogers sterling is a perennial favorite. Rogers sterling silverware is well-respected brand that holds a great deal of appeal to collectors, and complete vintage sets are quite valuable. The Rogers Bros. brand made a number of sterling and silver plated flatware patterns in over 150 years of production, including the popular Rogers Wedding Bells and Moonbeam settings. Accessory pieces such as bowls, servers and candlesticks help round out the pattern offerings, and can be great entry pieces for a new collector, or finishing pieces for a true aficionado. Browse the variety of Rogers sterling pieces offered by the reputable sellers on eBay, and find the piece or setting that matches your individual tastes and style.

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