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About Roger Federer

Tennis has been your sport of choice since you were a kid, but you have spent too many hours on the court to still be wearing your tatty, moth bitten old polo shirt. Few tennis players have made quite the impact that Roger Federer has on the sport, and the famous Swiss ace has a large range of apparel available to fans of his. Roger Federer shirts are designed and manufactured by Nike, one of the biggest and most trusted names in the sport. Impress your friends at the tennis club by wearing clothing from the signature line of Roger Federer shirts and shorts, made from technical fabrics and emblazoned with Roger's name so everybody knows who your player of choice happens to be. Choose from collared button-down shirts, T-shirts, V-necks, and more. Browse the vast inventory on eBay when it is time to replenish your athletic wear. You can find all of the clothing gear that Roger wears on the court, as well as the stylish and comfortable Nike Zoom Vapor shoes he wears while competing.

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