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About Rodimus Prime

When Optimus Prime is down for the count, who do the Autobots trust to take over? Rodimus Prime, of course. This dark red Autobot, sometimes also known as Hot Rod or Rodimus Minor, is a giant Transformer that can turn into a futuristic sports car at will. When Optimus Prime dies, Rodimus Prime takes over control of the Matrix of Leadership and commands the Autobots?until Optimus Prime rises again, of course. Fans of the prodigal "Chosen One" will be excited to find that many varieties of Rodimus Prime toys are available from reliable sellers on eBay. The Masterpiece scale TRU Rodimus Prime is one of the most popular versions, and made from plastic. If you?re searching for something a little more robust, the Titanium Rodimus Prime is a handsome die-cast metal figurine that will stand up to almost anything, just like the real deal. These action figures are available in several conditions, from new toys mint in the box to used toys only good for repair parts. Whichever Rodimus you take home, make sure you?re prepared to defend your new toy from your envious kids, and maybe your fellow Transformers fans.