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About Rockwell Axle

Crashing through canyons, slipping on slopes, rolling over rocks… it is fair to say your off-road rig takes quite a beating, which takes a toll on its axles. When it is time to replace or upgrade, a Rockwell axle offers the strength and durability you need to get back in the action. Rockwell American is a well-established company producing high quality tubular and torsion axles. The company's rigorous testing and quality control systems ensure that every axle has consistent tolerances and structurally sound welds. When purchasing a Rockwell axle, you need to bear in mind the gross axle weight rating (GAWR), which is the maximum allowable weight that the axle can support. If you have a heavy vehicle or trailer that is often loaded with tools and building materials, you need axles with a higher GAWR. For a rock crawler or monster truck with huge wheels, lifted suspension, and a lot of weight, you need a 5-ton Rockwell axle. Whether you are looking for Rockwell axle parts to make some repairs or modifications, or new axles for replacements or a custom build, you are sure to find what you need among the vast inventory on eBay.