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About Rockets

While history books might claim that the sole competitors in the Space Race were the United States and the Soviet Union, a secondary battle raged across the suburbs and schoolyards of America. Though Yuri Gagarin might have been the first human to ride a rocket into orbit, he was halfway around the world and, therefore, could not hold even an atomic-powered candle to the first kid on your block with a model rocket. A model rocket kit in a nation with its eyes to the sky was not simply a hobbyist's toy; it was a way to feel connected to that moment in time, to share in a patriotism that extended beyond not just the boundaries of the country but the limits of the Earth itself. If you are interested in reliving this riveting moment in history with a vintage rocket, it takes but the small step of reaching out to one of reliable sellers on eBay to put you on your way to making the giant leap toward the stars.