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About Rocker Sole Shoes

Do not tread like a timid little lamb, hit the ground rocking and rolling. Get the most out of your walk, hike, or workout with rocker sole shoes. These specially designed shoes sport a rounded bottom, and might also be referred to as round bottom, rocker bottom, or toning shoes. There is no need to fret about the name of the shoe, just grab a pair and join the crowd that is already reaping the benefits. The design of rocker sole shoes is not a new concept as podiatrists already prescribe this type of shoe to help comfort patients with ankle pain, foot pain, deformities, gait problems, and other conditions such as arthritis. The benefits of wearing these shoes include improved balance, better joint mobility, increased use of muscles compared with muscle use when wearing standard shoes, and altered weight distribution. Of course, each person is built differently and could respond in different ways to the technology. The large inventory on eBay includes brands like MBT, Fila, Congent, and many others in both men's and women's styles.

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