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About Rocker Panels

As you finish buffing the wax on the side of your car, you stop to admire how the paint glistens like glass in the sunlight from the top of the roof to the bottom of the rocker panels. Located beneath the side doors, your vehicle's rocker panels conceal the outer frame rail. In addition, they protect the body from road debris like tar, rocks, and oil that chip paint and leave small dents and dings. These panels deteriorate over time through exposure to mud, ice, and snow, resulting in unsightly rust spots; however, replacing the panels is a simpler task than replacing the entire door. When it is time to replace your vehicle's rocker panels, you can easily find the parts for the job on eBay. The large inventory on the site contains a selection of fiberglass and stainless steel rocker panels designed for all makes and models of cars and trucks. You can even find rocker panel decals that attach to the existing panels for a quick vehicle makeover that changes its entire appearance. Chances are you do not pay much attention to your vehicle's rocker panels, but they are an important feature to keep your car or truck looking its best.