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About Rock Shox 29

Happiness to you is the wind in your face and dirt on your shoes as you wind your mountain bike up and down trails, both familiar and new. You like your bike on the big side, with 29-inch wheels to pound those mountain trails with fury, and your RockShox 29-inch forks help you to navigate those wild trails. One of your favorite bikes has the RockShox Reba 29-inch forks. The RockShox Reba RL 120 Solo Air fork has Motion Control and Putlog damping with adjustments for external rebound and lockout threshold. You sail over berms, float through switchbacks, and even take on old fallen logs and small boulders with the freedom you feel on your bike. It takes you over trails and across country acres. When you feel the longing for an extra-aggressive trail ride, you grab the bike that you have outfitted with RockShox Revelation 29-inch forks. The Revelation RCT3 forks are a lighter weight, at 1800 grams, but they are designed for all types of terrain. The Motion Control DNA system has three positions: open, for differing terrain; threshold, for those major bumps; and lockout, to give you extra speed and smoothness on flat ground. Choose from the large inventory and wide selection of RockShox 29-inch forks on eBay, and keep your bike rolling with the changes.