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About Rock 47

Driving to the mall, finding a parking spot, and walking into a store to try on a pair of jeans that 30 other people have already tried on is not the best way to spend an afternoon. Fortunately, you can find the same Wrangler Rock 47 that you would find at malls and department stores from the largee inventories provided by reliable sellers on eBay without having to go through the traditional shopping experience. Wrangler Rock 47 jeans are stylish, ultra low rise pants made with high-quality denim from 100 percent cotton textiles. The Rock 47 clothes come equipped with the intricate stitching patterns and rhinestones you usually only find at designer shops, but available at your fingertips. Search for your size and find a wide selection of colors and washes from sellers who offer brand new, never before worn jeans, as well as pre-owned items. If you are looking to spend quality time with your daughter away from the shopping mall, you can even find a wide selection of girls' Rock 47 jeans that perfectly match the styles you wear. Wear those jeans to the park, ranch, or rodeo with your daughter instead of spending all your time shopping for them.