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About Robotech

Crash-landed spaceships, invading aliens, and an arsenal of giant robots, all with humanity on the brink of World War III? You’ve just been drawn into the anime world of "Robotech." First released in 1985, this 85-episode series details mankind’s desperate struggle to defend Earth from combat-ready alien forces with the invaders’ own technology. Although "Robotech" is one continuous cartoon in the United States, it started out as three distinct series in Japan. The American series consists of three chapters: The Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters, and The New Generation. Each chapter created a raging demand for Robotech toys including character figurines, mecha statuettes and action figures, battle pods, fighter jets, and other merchandise, many of which you can find new and used on eBay. When Revell introduced 1:48 scale Robotech model building kits, fans went crazy and started building their own mechas, despite the fact that they weren’t officially connected with the show. If aliens and mecha arsenals are your thing, you won’t regret diving into the rich history of this 30-year-old series.

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