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About Robot Costumes

"Robocop," "Iron Man," and the "Terminator" — the debate continues about which is the most intelligent machine of them all. What is unanimously agreed is the thrill of gearing up in robot costumes to relive science fiction. You can wear the entire body suit with an attached or stand alone headpiece. Another option is to choose individual parts of the machine armor to create a customized look. Do not be fooled by the steely look of robot costumes. They are often made of polyester, with foam padding and netting details, and spray coated for a metallic finish. An adult Halloween robot costume is the real deal, with built-in lights, sound effects, and high-tech circuitry. Toddler robot costumes are more space-themed, like aliens with googly eyes and funky antenna sticking out of the head. You may prefer a simpler Star Wars droid robe with matching cap for your young one. Sellers on eBay offer a vast array of robotic-style costumes from which to choose. Big or small, the entire family can have a robo-tastic time in this fun gear.