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About Robin

Some of the best pairings come from two things both spectacular in their own right, combined to make something even more awesome. Peanut butter’s best with jelly, Oreos go great in milk, lightning really makes thunder roll, and, of course, Robin has Batman’s back. The Boy Wonder has appeared in the DC comics universe in many forms, from the original Dick Grayson (later to become the superhero Nightwing) to Jason Todd (later to become the Red Hood), Tim Drake (the first Robin to get his own comics series, also known as Red Robin) and Damian Wayne, Bruce's own son. With each character to take up the mantle, Robin has evolved. There have even been two women to play Robin: Carrie Kelley in Frank Miller's non-canonical "The Dark Knight Returns," and Stephanie Brown, whose existence was retconned with the launch of the new DC 52. Despite each character's individual struggles, Robin remains Batman's constant companion. eBay's reliable sellers have new and mint collectible comics featuring the Dynamic Duo, along with action figures and more. Find the right Robin costume, new, or lightly used, and maybe you could find yourself amongst the ranks. Make sure you’ve done your homework by reading the Robin comics, so you know exactly how to fill those big green boots and still land on your feet.

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