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About Robeez

Your newborn baby's tiny, delicate feet are the first thing you notice and you want to do whatever you can to take care of them. That includes finding Robeez shoes that stay on, but also give those tiny toes room to grow. A real-world mom from Vancouver created them back in 1994 because she wanted a shoe that would not hinder her son's growth yet protect his little feet from the world. Thanks to her hard work, parents everywhere can share in her invention. The company offers a number of types of shoes for both girls and boys, ranging from dressier styles, like Mary Janes and boots, to casual moccasins and slippers. Robeez shoes are flexible and soft with a little bit of elastic in the ankle to help keep them on when your child starts to become active. The company's popular Soft Soles lines feature a non-slip suede sole to prevent sliding, while its more advanced Mini Shoez line has a non-skid, rubber outsole. The company's shoes are not only endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, but they are also some of the cutest on the market, and you can find many whimsical styles within the large selection on eBay.