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About Road Bike Shoes

When you?re racing through the streets on your new bike, the last thing you want is for your foot to slip just when you need pedal power the most. Road bike shoes offer a simple solution to keeping your feet planted on your pedals. Road bike shoes with clipless pedals combine pedals with special cleats on the sole of your shoe. To use them, all you have to do is step on the pedals with your cleated shoes until you hear a click, then you?re attached to the pedals until you move your heels outward to release them. Road shoes are made from extremely lightweight materials and have the stiffest sole of any bike shoes to get the most out of each pedal thrust. They feature protruding cleats, which is perfect for biking but can make walking awkward. Fortunately, rubber cleat covers solve this problem and are easy to find. You can find men's road bike shoes as well as women?s road bike shoes and pedals available both used and new on eBay. Next time you hit the road, do it with the confidence that you?re giving your sport all you?ve got.