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About River Island

Meeting your old college friends for the first time in years requires an outfit that shows you can still look young and trendy. With River Island clothing you can compile the perfect look from the sizable range of one of the United Kingdom's most popular fashion brands. Headquartered in London, River Island has grown since the brand's creation in 1948, and now serves consumers all across Europe, Asia, and North America. The clothing is both functional and stylish, and River Island jeans are available in a huge range of colors and styles. From skinny jeans to denim or corduroy, you are sure to be impressed by the casual designs. If you want an outfit more suitable for a dinner engagement, there is also a huge range of women's wear items, such as a stylish dress sequin paneled evening dress or a subtle black number. When you are looking for T-shirts, sweaters, dress shirts, dresses, or just some shoes or accessories, browse the large inventory on eBay for River Island clothing.

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