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About Rivarossi

Train aficionados will drool at the prospect of owning their very own Rivarossi Big Boy—and why wouldn't you? Rivarossi is well known as one of the best manufacturers of train models, and this Italian brand is highly sought after by train enthusiasts the world over. With over half a century tradition in fine model train manufacturing, Rivarossi models, which are an exact 1:87 scale, have been improved mechanically and technically, with finer detailing, can motors with flywheels, LED lighting, DCC interfaces and much more. With all those working and moving parts however, you may find that you occasionally need to source replacement Rivarossi parts—and this is where eBay's reliable sellers can help. New parts or used are widely available no matter if your Rivarossi is O scale, N scale or HO. Keep your model train collection on track, and snap up any number of other Rivarossi model trains and accessories.

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