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About Rio Grande - Model Railroads & Trains

Planning your vacation has consumed the last few months of your life. You and your husband have always dreamed of going to the Rio Grande, and your sister has offered to watch your children. You’re both glad that you can spend some quality time alone with one another, while knowing that your kids are in good hands. However, your son is a little apprehensive about your trip and is full of questions about it, so you want to share a little of your experience with him. To do this, you go online to eBay and purchase some Rio Grande games to play with him. You both find that these games are fun as well as educational, and luckily for you, your son can’t get enough of them. He’s actually excited when you leave to go on your trip now, and he can’t wait for you to bring back one of the Rio Grande models that you promised him. When you return home after an enjoyable and relaxing trip, you have plenty of pictures to share with your son and all of your friends and family. When you walk through the door, he runs and jumps into your arms, professes his love for you both, and then sweetly inquires, “Where is my model, guys?”