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About Ring Displays

Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and realized that you needed a ring display because you have so many rings that are just too pretty to be stashed away inside of a jewelry box. A ring display box with a glass lid and a black velvet insert lets you keep your valuables safe while showing them off. The glass protects the ring from dust, and the black velvet contrasts with the ring to make it stand out and sparkle beautifully. Of course, you shouldn?t locate your display somewhere that people may steal your rings, but there is nothing wrong with having a lock on your display case. You can never be too careful, after all. Suppose you don?t have a lot of rings, just a select few. You can get a ring display finger on eBay that holds three to five rings comfortably. This is perfect for when you?re doing dishes, so your ring doesn?t slip off and fall down the drain. You wouldn?t want to call the plumber to retrieve your rings from the drain all because you forgot to take them off and put them on the display finger for safe keeping.