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About Rilakkuma

Japanese sensibilities never fail to set trends all around the world, with a taste for forward-thinking designs and inescapably cute characters. The Rilakkuma line is no exception. Rilakkuma is a soft toy bear, with sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet tall. Rilakkuma appears in a number of books, where he takes part in amusing stories, always with a sense of mystery as no one knows where he comes from. He also has a zipper on his back, for no apparent reason. Strangely enough, Rilakkuma's body itself may be a costume. However, in his soft toy variety, these questions do not need to be answered, as he is a big, soft, cuddly bear with adoring eyes and other features. You can now find Rilakkuma wallets, Rilakkuma bags, and other merchandise on sale from large inventory on eBay. From costumes to slippers to clothes, the bear finds his way into many places and is always met with affection. Rilakkuma's adventures continue, with little explanation for his appearance and more questions around every corner of the story.