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About Ridgid Dies

You are very close with your uncle, because he has always been like a second father to you. Some of the best times that you can remember spending with him were when you were on some of his job sites, and he would let you hand him the RIDGID dies whenever he needed them. At that age, you struggled with knowing the difference between the bolt dies and the other die in the box, but he was always patient. He always told you that a real man has one major asset, and that is his ability to be patient. He told you that when you are patient you could accomplish just about anything. When you were 16, he got you a job working with his company, and by this time, you were able to appreciate the difference between the RIDGID dies and could use your patience to accomplish almost any job. He often bragged about you, and the year that you graduated, he presented you with a new RIDGID die set that he purchased for you from eBay. You still have that present to this day, and whenever you have the opportunity to use it, you always think of your uncle.