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About Ride on Trains

A toy train is perhaps one of the most iconic childhood traditions enjoyed by generations of children, as they laid out tracks and created miniature worlds on the living room floor. Ride-on trains are an exciting variation of this classic toy, letting your child become part of the action as he sits atop the engine. Kids love riding around the room, and can practice fine motor control as they help lay out the tracks. Some trains even have a ride-on caboose, allowing a sister, brother, or friend to join in on the fun. Most models have rechargeable batteries, allowing for plenty of play time without a surprise trip to the store for more batteries. You can find many Thomas the Tank Engine ride-on trains for little fans of the show. For the train-loving adult, find vintage ride-on trains dating back to the early twentieth century. Although these metal trains are not generally appropriate for playing on, they do make a great accent piece. Find everything from antiques to modern toys from Peg Perego, Little Tykes, and more through the vast inventory of ride-on trains available on eBay.