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About Rhinestone Brooches

Have you ever looked through your grandmother?s jewelry box and been dazzled by a sparkling rhinestone brooch? They came in all shapes, sizes, and glorious colors. Some of the most dazzling are the clear rhinestone brooches, which sparkle like they?re covered in diamonds. However, although it?s fun to take out the vintage jewelry and look at it, you wouldn?t think about wearing it today?or would you? Rhinestone brooches are making a comeback in a big way. Some styles are a bit gaudy, but that only adds to their charm. Some women feel that the larger the brooch, the bigger the fashion statement. You can certainly dress up any outfit with a glittery brooch. Why, you could use a large rhinestone brooch to add the perfect accent to a prom dress or even a wedding gown. These versatile accessories lend themselves to almost any outfit, and instantly make it classier. Pick one up for a great price on eBay. Or if you have a vintage brooch from your grandmother that has blue rhinestones on it, then you?ve covered two of the three traditions in one single accessory. How convenient is that?