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About Rheem Water Heaters

Some like it hot, some like it tepid?and there are times when you definitely like it ice cold; however you like your water, if you prize hot showers then you could consider upgrading your tank system with a Rheem water heater. You can choose a Rheem water heater that is gas, electric, hybrid or even solar powered. When it comes to deciding between a tankless or tank system though, it can help to understand what the Rheem tankless water heater offers; unlike a tank heater, the water heats almost continuously?no more waiting around after your teenagers have used up all the hot water! Because it doesn?t store hot water, it doesn?t need to reheat occasionally?meaning less energy consumption and they?re generally more compact in size, so you can fit it in almost anywhere you like. If you?re not quite ready to give up on your trusty tank heater, then our reliable sellers on eBay have you covered with replacement parts like a Rheem water heater element, thermostat and valves. Stop "drheeming" about hot water on demand?go tankless.