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About RHD

Sometimes a steering wheel on the wrong side of the car is just right. The applications for RHD or right-hand driving vary in the extreme, from the practicalities of mail delivery on the one hand to the obsessive detailing of JDM style tuning. For those who want RHD conversion components for a delivery or mail van, finding the right parts and going through a conversion gives you the ability to access mail boxes and properties while still driving on the right side of the road. For JDM enthusiasts who covet an authentic look and driving style in their Japanese Domestic Market tuners, RHD parts and conversion means getting just the right set-up in a retrofitted performance sedan from Japan. RHD conversion requires a good number of parts and does not just involve large-scale issues such as switching out the clip to accommodate the steering wheel on the right, but also small touches like switching out floor mats and gauges. Whether you need a full RHD clip or a smaller component such as an RHD gauge to finish off a conversion project, you can access a vast inventory of RHD items on eBay.

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