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Brilliantly colored RGB LED lights illuminate your room with all your favorite colors. RGB stands for "Red, Green, Blue," but these sparkling lights provide much more than those three simple colors. They serve as decorative accents and work very well to set the atmosphere for gatherings and parties. Browse the vast inventory of LED lights on eBay to find RGB LED strips in numerous lengths. These strips are great for outdoor nighttime fun, and they also add a unique touch to dark rooms. Grab some lights that use an RGB LED controller to change the colors, dim the lights, and set the LEDs to blink to music for the ultimate light show. Whether you need a 3-watt, 5-watt, 8-watt, or 9-watt RGB LED light source, you can find great options on the site. Get ready to add some colorful glow to your life with a full collection of RGB LED light strips and bulbs.