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About Revoltech

Did you know that Revoltech is an abbreviation of the term "Revolver Technology", which refers to the type of specialized joint used by the manufacturer in its action figures? Didn't think so. Revoltech is made by a Japanese company called Kaiyodo and include well-known figures like Revoltech transformers, Aliens, Iron Man, Batman, and even Woody from Toy story. Kaiyodo don't just cater for western tastes though, as they have an equally large range of Japanese-inspired figures like Hello Kitty, as well as Manga and Anime characters. Action figures aren't just for little kids anymore (although they probably would still like one!), and lots of the Relvotech figures are potential collector's items if they're kept in mint condition. Of course, no collection would be complete without the Japanese monster in the form of a Revoltech Godzilla and you can find Godzilla and many of the other Revoltech figures from eBay's reliable sellers. If you're into articulated joints, superheroes, and monsters then technically Revoltech should be your perfect match.