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About Revlon Dolls

Before there was Barbie, there was the Revlon doll for little girls to play with, dress up, and brush her soft, wavy hair. She was beautiful and wore lovely outfits that you changed to fit the occasion. If you are a doll collector, your collection is not complete without a vintage Revlon doll. Made by the Ideal toy company in the early 1950s, the Miss Revlon doll has completely moveable arms and legs, and eyes that open and close. The dolls have an exquisite collection of period clothes for both day and evening, such as dresses with full skirts, pumps, and even pantyhose. Jewelry including pearl drop earrings and a pearl necklace complete the outfit. For evening, your Revlon doll can model a silk gown, faux mink stole, and full-length gloves as part of her attire. There are 20-inch dolls and the smaller 10-inch Little Miss Revlon dolls available from reliable sellers on eBay. Find the Revlon doll that you have been looking for and have your purchase shipped right to your doorstep.