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About Revell

Your kids have been learning about airplanes and their enthusiasm for old biplanes and fighters makes you recall all of the fun that you had building Revell model airplane kits when you were young. You think that this would be a great way to encourage their interest and teach them about planes and so you search on eBay to see what Revell model kits are available. Several reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide range of models, as well as all of the paints and glue needed to construct them. Scrolling through the kits on offer, you are attracted to a Revell 1/32 model Spitfire that you remember building when you were a kid. Thinking about it, you decide that this may be a bit too complicated for the first model that you build with the kids and decide on a smaller and simpler Revell 1/72 scale model of the Red Baron's Fokker triplane that you are sure the kids will love.