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About 1W Resistor

If it were not for electricity, we would all be watching television by candlelight, proclaimed comedian George Gobel; he joked, of course, but it is true that we are all dependent on electricity for day-to-day tasks. Protect your hair dryer, electric stove, toaster, and other electrical appliances from overload by using a 1-watt resistor. A resistor is a fundamental electrical component that limits and regulates the flow of electricity through circuits, thereby preventing circuit overload and subsequent damage. Select carbon, film, and wirewound resistors in singles, sets, or large lots. For a single project or repair, choose a 1-ohm 50-watt resistor, such as a Dale RH-50 power resistor, an Arcol aluminum-clad wirewound resistor, or a 50-watt ceramic cement power resistor. Build and repair without waiting when you stock up on 1-ohm 2-watt resistor components, which are available in lots ranging from five, 10, or 15 pieces to packs of hundreds. Explore the extensive selection of resistors offered by the reliable sellers on eBay to find the 1-watt resistor you need for home or professional use.