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About Resin Beads

You have just put the finishing touches on the scrapbook for your best friend, and it is the niftiest one yet. It helps that you branched out this time and found some resin beads that brought the whole book alive. Since the beads are so lightweight, they do not weigh down the paper, and you can add them on both the front and back of pages without damaging the paper. Resin flatback beads work particularly well for scrapbooking, since they have a lot of surface area to stick solidly to the paper. These types of beads are great for all sorts of crafts, even nail art. Some resin flower beads are so tiny that you can use more than one on each fingernail. With access to such a huge network of reliable sellers on eBay, you can find resin beads in all sorts of sizes, formats, and designs to make all your crafting projects fun.