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About Reshiram

With over 700 Pok?mon figures to catch, train, and battle, no collection is complete without the powerful Reshiram, This is one Pok?mon you don?t want to be in front of or behind. Reshiram stands tall with its long, slender neck, but watch out. He breathes fire. Be aware of that tail?he can also shoot flames, and burn everything down around him. He can also change the weather in the atmosphere. His icy blue eyes want nothing short of the truth and justice. Instead of tracking down one of these in the Pok?mon universe, why not settle for a Reshiram toy instead. It won?t burn your house down, and you can take it anywhere. Reputable sellers on eBay have just about everything Pok?mon there is available. Whether you are looking for trading cards or a Reshiram plush toy, find what you?re looking for when you check out eBay. With Reshiram captured, that?s one more in your pocket. But it?s Pok?mon, so you gotta catch em all.